Stroke Awareness Month – 2023

Orlean Fong Shek
Emerging from the Smoke
“A Collection of Warrior Voices”

Link to register below to join our virtual session and listen to Orlean Fong Shek inspire us young stroke survivors on May 16, 2023 at 11 am EST.

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2021 marked the 10th Anniversary of my stroke due to Moyamoya Disease. To commemorate the milestone, I put together a compilation of “Warrior Poetry” by banding with twenty other Stroke survivors and various “Health Warrior-Poets,“ including a handful of my own, into a collection of forty-four poems and Archway Publishing of Simon & Shuster published “the Emerging From the Smoke: A Collection of Warrior Voices” on May 13, 2022, just in time for Stroke Awareness Month.

During the Pandemic, I developed a niche in public speaking, raising awareness about rare brain disease and stroke survival, inspiring others that not only can you survive a personal health crisis, but that you can also thrive and inspire others. I shares strategies for how to navigate a post Covid world to deal with hardship and obstacles head on, all by utilizing positivity to adopt a “Mind Over Matter” mindset.

Bay Area Focus featured my book in an interview on CBS this past March:
CBS interview

For the DEFINITIVE interview about my story, please read this interview by  Stroke Awareness Oregon. 
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